Your Itinerary for a Health and Wellness Tour Through Asheville

Kerry Lengyel


Asheville has fast become a hub for people who enjoy living a health and wellness-conscious life. New businesses have been popping up yearly with new and exciting methods of bettering your mind, body, and soul. But with so many options, how can you choose what to do?

To help, we’ve created the perfect itinerary for a health and wellness tour through Asheville. Follow along below to experience what our health mecca has to offer.

Dobra Tea
Start your day off with a hot cup of your favorite tea and a medicine ball from Dobra Tea—an Eastern tea room serving responsibly sourced and authentically prepared teas and sweet and savory offerings. With three locations in the Asheville area, Dobra Tea has become a staple where locals and visitors can relax, recharge, and rest their minds for a while. Its calming atmosphere and comfortable seating will start your day calmly and quietly.

Asheville Community Yoga
After your tea, head to a class at Asheville Community Yoga. They offer services that promote a mind-body-spirit connection, such as donation-based movement and meditation classes with mats and props supplied at no charge, workshops with financial aid, and affordable pre-loved clothing. Whether you’re a new yogi or a seasoned practitioner, Asheville Community Yoga provides classes for all levels.

Skin Spa of Asheville
Next stop is a little self-care at the Skin Spa of Asheville. From facials to massages to scrubs, you can’t go wrong with whatever afternoon pick-me-up you choose. Our favorite? The Hydrafacial—a non-invasive facial that improves skin health, addresses individual concerns, and creates a glow like no other. Take some me-time to refresh before you start your afternoon.

Laughing Seed
It’s time for lunch at Laughing Seed Cafe—a vegetarian restaurant honoring an organic, local, and farm-to-table experience with an international flair. Located in downtown Asheville, Laughing Seed’s menu is always delicious, nutritious, and clean. Try the crispy Brussels sprouts for your appetizer and the harmony bowl for your entree; you won’t be disappointed!

AVL Salt Cave-52

Asheville Salt Cave
With a full belly, you’ll walk to the Asheville Salt Cave for some transformative salt therapy to provide relaxation and complete mind and body healing. Offering something unique in the wellness and healing space, Asheville Salt Cave houses an actual salt cave, built to resemble the salt mines in Poland and containing 20 tons of pure pink salt. The air in the salt cave is saturated with negative ions and 84 trace elements and minerals. By just simply breathing in, your body will heal itself.

Once you emerge from the salt cave, it’s time to look inward with an aura therapy session from nearby shop Adoratherapy. Aura therapy helps you discover which of the seven chakras—root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown—you need a slight improvement on. Knowing your chakra health can help you better understand various physical and emotional issues, such as stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Grab an aroma perfume that aligns with the chakra you need to work on before heading out!

Still Point Wellness
Now it’s time to get your float on at Still Point Wellness—Asheville’s premier Esalen massage and saltwater floatation spa. If you’ve never heard of saltwater floatation, you’re in for a treat. Drift away into total relaxation as you float effortlessly atop 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt in their sensory deprivation float tank. The Epsom salt helps pull tension out of tired, aching, or overworked muscles, and the lack of stimulation coaxes you into slowly unwinding, letting go, and finding your still point.

You’ve worked up an appetite, and it’s time for a nutritious dinner at HomeGrown. With two locations in West Asheville and North Asheville, Homegrown has a local farming and “slow food, right quick” philosophy. We recommend their buttermilk chicken, blackened catfish tacos, or falentil wrap. Don’t forget the sauteed sesame greens and cous cous salad on the side! Slow down to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal while supporting community farmers.

C&Co. Handcrafted Skincare
Take a shopping break at C&Co.—a skincare brand that develops plant-based skincare products that are pH balanced, effective, and good for everybody. If you’ve been searching for a new skincare routine (or have wanted to start one), they make it easy by choosing from three hand-selected routines that will fit you and your lifestyle. Or if you’re just looking for something new, C&Co. has all your body and face care needs.

Wake Foot Sanctuary
End your day with a relaxing foot massage from Wake Foot Sanctuary. Their thoughtfully formulated herbal soaks and complimentary rejuvenating massages add indulgence to an already indulgent day. All of their à la carte foot soaks are a warm and relaxing 45-minute experience. We recommend trying their meditation garden foot soak, which includes lemon, juniper, cinnamon, clary sage, and peppermint.

Head back to your hotel or Airbnb and take a deep breath. You’ve just undergone an exhilarating and refreshing wellness tour through Asheville! And while your day was full of activities, you’ve just scratched the surface of our city’s health and wellness services.

If you’re ever looking for a round two, check out all the health and wellness offerings on A Look at Asheville that you won’t want to miss.