Linear Clockworks Crafts a Calm and Elegant Way to Look at Time

Kerry Haze


What started as a retirement hobby for Lindsay Morris quickly became a thriving business. Always full of ideas, Lindsay began crafting clocks from leftover wood scraps in his backyard. Friends who visited were constantly wowed by his creations.

“The clocks just kept getting better and better,” he says. “They kind of sunk their teeth into me and wouldn’t let me go.” 

Unlike any other clock on the market, the linear clock shows the time of day in a straight horizontal line. During the day, the pointer slowly moves from the left of the clock to the right to show you the time. At midnight, that same pointer starts moving back to the left

Each clock is crafted from sustainably harvested wood, which Lindsay and his team get from local vendors and lumber yards. You can choose from favorites like walnut and maple or go for something exotic like Chechen, bloodwood, or Lindsay’s favorite, olivewood.

“It’s just amazing,” he explains. “Olive trees grow for 2,000 years and have this insane pattern full of knots and imperfections.”

Beyond their looks, linear clocks are practical and user-friendly. They come with built-in hangers for easy mounting and leveling. You also don’t have to fuss with daylight saving time changes—they handle that automatically. Plus, each clock has a rechargeable battery that lasts 9 to 12 months.

You can customize your clock, from the type of wood to the number of hours it shows, the style of the pointer, or even an engraved quote at the bottom. “It’s such a conversation piece,” Lindsay says. “Everyone who comes to my house stops and says, ‘Wow, that’s so cool!’”

Lindsay and his team also found that linear clocks are great for people who have trouble reading traditional clocks or grasping the flow of time. “We have received feedback from folks with autism, dyslexia, or ADHD, or whose family members have Alzheimer’s or Down’s syndrome,” he explains. “We are surprised and pleased to find that our work can help people!”

Whether you want something rustic with a live edge or sleek and modern, Linear Clockworks has a clock that’ll fit your style and needs.