LEAF Global Arts is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission to connect cultures and create community through music and arts. LEAF is composed of two key cultural arts education programs, LEAF Schools & Streets and LEAF International, as well as two signature events, LEAF Retreat (May) and LEAF Festival (October). Attendance at LEAF events provide a family-friendly weekend experience infused with music and arts while supporting the long-term vision of the organization. Since 1995, LEAF has served more than 200,000+ youths with programs in more than 15 community locations and in 10 countries worldwide.

The LEAF Global Arts Experience is a creative immersive and interactive experience that weaves together elements of an interactive museum and an arts center. This historic space, formerly the Club Del Cardo, has lots of nooks to discover. Together we are Cultivating Cultural Curiosity & Connection! Step inside to explore the world without ever leaving Asheville.