Citron Gallery is a boutique gallery featuring authentic contemporary art from local, national and international artists. We aim to attract top talent and offer unique art and specialized service to collectors and art lovers visiting the Asheville area.

Our mission is to create and display an eclectic body of work from professional and inspired artists — artists who create authentic and captivating pieces. Our goal is to offer a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, and photography. As a boutique gallery, we want to surprise guests with our uniquely high-level curation and a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are located on the lower level at 60 Biltmore Avenue in Downtown Asheville. Our guests have commented that Citron is indeed a hidden gem of a gallery, similar to a New York gallery experience.

We are committed to evolving; our vision is to continue as a fluid, ever-growing contemporary gallery and combination studio space for working artists. It is an atelier in which artists are supported in a creative environment where original work is produced and promoted.