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www.golocalasheville.com 828-771-8006 22 Hibriten Dr., Asheville, NC 28801

As you know by now, Asheville is an incredibly special place. One particularly important reason you love our community is the local independent businesses.

Go Local Asheville currently serves over 560 local independent business members and over 4,000 Go Local cardholders.

Why is it important to support local independent businesses?

They are the backbone of Asheville’s economy. They are better positioned to respond to the needs of our community, our cultural organizations, and nonprofits, and are inherently tied to Asheville’s future.

More specifically, local independent businesses:

1). Grow Asheville’s unique character and inspire entrepreneurship.

2) Encourage decision-making and civic engagement at the local level.

3). Increase environmental resilience and responsibility.

4). Focus on collaboration and healthy competition.

5). Keep our dollars in Asheville’s local economy resulting in more jobs and increased wages.

6). Strengthen the local supply chain by replacing imported goods and services.

How does Go Local Asheville support the local independent business community?

1). By educating the community about the importance of buying from and supporting local independent businesses.

2). By offering businesses free membership

3). By selling Go Local cards to individuals that can be used for perks and discounts at over 560 local independent businesses.

We asked our business members why they chose to become a member of Go Local Asheville. The top reason they shared is pride in our local community. Our businesses care about keeping Asheville unique and the special place our visitors like to come back to year after year after year.

How can you buy a Go Local card?

The Go Local card cost $18 and is sold on-line and at businesses all over Asheville. To find out where, go to: Get Your Go Local Card | Go Local Asheville

How do you know who accepts the Go Local card?

Once you have a card, look for Go Local decals in stores, restaurants, shops and salons around Asheville. Or you can also go to our on-line directory and search by category, location, or collection.

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