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Dr Loop OMD – Chinese & Ayurvedic Medicine Clinic

www.drloopomd.com 971-998-0800 188 Charlotte Street Ste 1A, Asheville, NC 29901

Dr. Keith Loop is passionate about your healing and well-being and is grateful to be of service in the Asheville and surrounding areas. In addition to private sessions, he can also provide telemedicine consultation around herbal medicine, general health and spiritual wellness and deeper empathetic mentorship and guidance as needed. With over 20 years of collective professional healing experience in Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Yoga & Tantra, Dr Loop not only helps his patients and clients stay on top of their general wellness and preventative medicine concerns, but he specializes in the treatment of all types of pain, chronic and recalcitrant disease, immune and digestive disorders and a range of emotional, mental and stress related complaints.  Dr Loop OMD provides comprehensive systemic Classical & Trigger Point Acupuncture for the body, mind & Spirit and is particularly adept at formulating and prescribing Custom Herbal Formulas for acute and chronic issues.  Herbal formulation can also be tailored to your own unique constitution, which over time, can help restore, regenerate and optimize your desired health and fitness goals concerning longevity, anti-aging and integrated function of all tissue and organ systems.

In addition to his masters and doctorate degrees in Classical Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Dr Loop OMD utilizes his Advanced Herbal Medicine and Qigong training in China and his multiple certifications and licensure in Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda to customize any individualized Acupuncture or Bodywork session. He draws extensively on his entrepreneurial healthcare experience as the creator of Sattva Spa and Profundus Medical Massage in Denver, CO to personalize packages and protocols for Detoxification, Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging that can highlight any custom medicinal and wellness retreat. These personalized medicinal and therapeutic mini - retreats can be created around a cleansing weekend or part of longer detoxification and rejuvenation program like Pancha Karma that Dr Loop OMD can create personally for you.  Regardless of your budget or time constraint, he will create a cleansing, restorative and therapeutic program that suits wherever you are at right now.

You may consult his website for his current yoga & qigong teaching schedule and he is also available for corporate wellness retreats and informative seminars as well.