Jonas Gerard Fine Art

Jonas Gerard was one of Asheville’s most beloved and prolific artists prior to his death on September 25, 2020. He was known for his brilliant acrylic colors and textures that bring joy to people's hearts. Internationally known, Ashevile was his home for more than a decade. Jonas’ Riverview Station Studio is not only home to his art, but is also available as an event space. Inside this 5,000 sq. ft. space you will be cradled in the vibrancy of his work. You are welcome to touch the art and bask in the joy and soulfulness of his work. Linger as long as you like while each painting or sculpture takes life. A stop here is an "Asheville must see" for visitors and locals alike!

Jonas Gerard Fine Art is open year-round, 7 days a week, 10 am to 6 pm with easy access and plenty of free parking.


Welcome music, science, and history lovers! The Moogseum is the museum that brings American inventor Bob Moog's pioneering legacy to life with interactive exhibits that include an immersive dome to experience how electricity becomes sound, a historical exploration of synthesizers, and the opportunity for guests to play both Theremins and Moog synthesizers. The Moogseum opened at 56 Broadway St., in the heart of downtown Asheville, on May 23, 2019, which would have been the inventor's 85th birthday. The museum's mission is to educate and inspire people of all ages, just as Bob Moog did himself.

A project of the Bob Moog Foundation, the Moogseum is a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience of the music, history, and science of electronic music that includes exhibits designed for playful exploration of sound, technology, and science.

Envision Moog's creative process by exploring the recreation of his workbench. Step inside an immersive dome where you can learn how electricity turns into sound when it goes through a circuit. Explore an interactive timeline of Moog's life and the history of sound synthesis which includes a music player with over 95 hit songs, from the 60s to today, that include Moog instruments. Dive deeper into the archival center, which features more than 1,000 pieces of rare archival material accessible by touch-screen kiosks, to explore 34 different historically important synthesizers in the Timeline of Synthesis exhibit. There are also rare memorabilia items on display, including one of the first theremins Moog built when he started his company in 1954.

The Moogseum shop offers an array of iconic items for sale to celebrate your visit as well as a curated collection of gifts for discerning friends.

Artisans on Main

Artisans On Main represents over 60 local artists culminating in a refined collection of carefully curated regional arts and crafts ranging from multi-medium paintings, metal work, handblown glass lighting and other glass items, textiles, local wood craft and furniture, decorative clay work and functional pottery, gemstone and metalsmith jewelry.  We choose high quality work that fits our style which includes whimsical, functional, gorgeous, and even tasty!  If you’ve never tried Poppies Popcorn come grab a few bags and see for yourself!
We feature three active working studios that provide a glimpse of the creative process and an opportunity to meet the artist.  This includes Luminosa Lighting Studio, handcrafted custom lamps, Metlicka Pottery Studio, and Bee Light Candle Cafe.  We love interacting with our visitors and sharing some behind the scenes opportunity.
Many return visitors from far and wide tell us we are one of their favorite galleries in the larger Asheville area!  many folks walk in, take a few breaths and exclaim how wonderful it smells!  This due to our dedication to clean pure essential oil handmade soaps and candles.  No synthetic scents allowed!
Artisans on Main is located in the heart of the picturesque mountain town of Weaverville, NC.  Come check us out!

New Morning Gallery

New Morning Gallery delightfully displays an abundant selection of decorative and functional craft — all handmade by American artisans. Ceramics, jewelry, furniture, lighting, glass, home accessories and garden art fill the 12,300 sq. ft. gallery in unique vignettes.
Art For Living
Friendly Gift and Wedding Registry
Located in Historic Biltmore Village adjacent to sister gallery Bellagio Art To Wear.

Southern Highland Craft Guild

The Southern Highland Craft Guild has been shaping the creative economy for 90 years. Exhibiting handmade crafts of North Carolina and the Southeast, the Guild cultivates commerce for craftspeople in the Appalachian regions with four retail locations and an online shop. Today, it is one of the strongest craft organizations in the country--representing just over 800 makers in 293 counties from nine states, hosting 5 educational events and two Craft Fairs each year. What started as a network of the area’s creativity and arts to boost income for craftspeople during the Great Depression, has become an iconic fixture of the craft revival movement.

Mora Jewelry

Mora offers a carefully curated collection of modern jewelry made by artists. More than 30 distinguished designers are represented in a vibrant boutique that celebrates Asheville's independent spirit.

Mora champions jewelry that is creative, original, and intriguing—a perfectly polished gemstone set in high-karat gold sits next to captivating earrings fashioned from 3D-printed plastic. What ties together this eclectic collection is our devotion to outstanding design.

We are experts in the field of jewelry and love sharing our knowledge with you. We are a full-service gallery, offering custom jewelry design, restoration, and repair. Our passion is helping you discover jewelry that will capture your heart and enrich your lives as well as your wardrobes. Visitors often say they’ve never seen jewelry like this before, and that Mora is the jewelry store they’ve always dreamed about—we hope you’ll agree!

Momentum Gallery

Miya Gallery

Miya Gallery is located in the heart of downtown Weaverville just a short ride north of Asheville, NC.  We exhibit the works of over 35 local artisans and house the jewelry studios of Jennifer Jenkins, Jason Janow and Mary Timmer, where we specialize in custom design and jewelry repair. Here you will find one of the best collections of hand made jewelry in the area plus fine handcrafts and fine art. From the whimsical to stunning fine jewelry, Miya has become a real gem in the gallery/art scene of Western North Carolina.